Spring 2022

Jeremy Bunch: Rothbard – Enemy of the

Jonathan McIntosh – Common Grace vs. Political Presuppositionalism

George Harrell – How to Create a Coup: How the 1953 Overthrow of Iran Became a CIA Blueprint

Fall 2021

Jonathan McIntosh – Pre-fall Civil Government? Why There Wasn’t, and Why It Matters

George Harrell – The French Road to Vietnam

Timothy Nadreau – Ag Subsidies: The World’s (Other) Oldest Profession

Jeremy Bunch – Hard Hearts & Monarchs: Deuteronomy & 1 Samuel

Winter 2021

Jeremy Bunch – George Buchanan: Scots Reformed Resistance Theory

Jonathan McIntosh – Evaluating Calvin: A Critique of “On Civil Goverment”

Jeremy Bunch – An Integrated Theology of Biblical Kingship

Jonathan McIntosh – Towards a Natural Law Libertarianism

George Harrell – Politics as Usual: The Making of the U.S. Constitution

Tim Harmon – Faith and Reason in Protestant Scholasticism

George Harrell – Southern Slavery & Confederate Socialism

Chris Walker – Taking from Caesar: Cryptocurrency as a Better Game of Money


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